These fenders were born out of the desire to have fenders wide enough so you can run tire that is as wide at a mountain bike or plus size tire.

Since there are so many possibilities of tire size out there these days, I do not make any stock size fenders, but discuss with the customer the tire width and diameter that they are running and amount of clearance between the tire and mounting  points for the fender.  When the fenders are ordered, I proceed to cut down the titanium to actuate widths, hammer in the rough shape with mallets and forming tools and finish them off on a shop made fender rolling machine which I refer to as The Fender Bender.

Currently I have made fenders to fit bike with wheel sizes from 26 x 3.o (ISO559¬† x 75) to 36 x 2.25 (ISO 686 x 57) to 700×42 (ISO 622x 42)